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We are a Kota Kinabalu-based bespoke software company driven by local talents.

About Us

What makes Phi Software Sdn. Bhd. different is our persistant toward continously improving our solutions and we are willing to go extra miles to make sure our software solutions exceed our client expected return of investment. We are incorporated with a mission to promote technology adoption, to grow and improve business operations.

As a business entity, we are driven by these missions.


As a team, we hold these values.


We are design and build dedicated software to support your growing business.

Document Management

We help company organise business records and automate business process and reporting.

Mobile Application Development

We develop web application and mobile application prototype to meet our client's idea and vision.

Web Development and Hosting

We provide website development together with reliable and secure web hosting service.

Software Integration

We do third party software integration including payment gateway integration, dropbox integration, google gapi, facebook and xero accounting software.

Software Consultation

Let's get in touch and tell us your vision and we will work together on how to make it into reality.

Cloud Solutions

We manage a range of software as services software tailored for specific industry.

ERP Solutions

We help company manage their day-to-day business through customised ERP solutions.

Asset Management Solutions

We tailor-made an asset tracking software to help companies get control over their assets.

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Our Solutions


Made for law firms.


Made for printing companies.


Made for backpacking hostels.


Made for listing companies.


Made for pest control companies.


Made for dental clinics.


Made for rental companies.


Made for accountants.


Made to preserve a language.