Create, track, and manage your document


KertasDMS provides document digitization and centralized storage, to insightful analytics of business operations. KertasDMS technology will help to lead your business towards digital transformation to open for improved operation efficiency and transparency of workflow.

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Optimize business processes from beginning to end


Linkexpres is a software tool that will help you increase efficiency in order processing, inventory management, transporting orders to customers, and returning orders as needed.

Moreover, it will also benefit your business by providing prompt, high-quality, and accurate service to your customers, thereby improving their experience. It will also improve your supply chain visibility, assist you in cost reduction, and streamline your logistics strategy.

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Easy scheduling and reporting solutions


8planner is designed to lighten the load on administrative staff who are responsible for daily scheduling and planning.

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Property Management System


RoompillowPMS assists hotels in improving the guest experience. Less time at the keyboard means more time for the visitor.

Communication between departments is seamless. Billing and invoicing functions aid in keeping track of all transactions.

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Simplified Tour Package Management


The package management process is broken down into individual steps, with each step scrutinised to ensure maximum efficiency. Toursbloom enables you to deal with all functions in real time, from creating packages to connecting with third-party suppliers at different prices.

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Assets Tracking Solutions


Assetsware makes it simple for businesses to manage their fixed asset base, saving time and effort while providing accurate and timely data for reporting.

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Practical Dental Software


Manage, monitor and streamline daily clinics' operations

Dental practise management is a difficult task that is frequently assigned to a dentist who is already preoccupied with patient care.

Dentallink is the right tools to assist with management in order to reduce errors and oversights, allowing you to attract new patients and expand your operation.

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Legal Firm Management Software

Juris Manager

Juris Manager streamlines your daily operations and manages all aspects of your firm like client and case records, documents, appointments, schedules and deadlines.

If you or your team are currently managing these tasks manually or with many tools, Juris Manager is an all-in-one legal software, can fundamentally revolutionise the way your firm operates.

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Online Dictionary Platform


To ensure richness of Borneo indigenous language continue and impart the future culture, Nunukragang dedicated to empowering people in collaborating and building their own native language inside this platform.

Nunukragang is a borderless space where everyone can learn and discover indigenous language at anywhere and anytime.

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Modernizing Public Transportation With Gourbanbus


Gourbanbus was created as a modern solution for local communities to have a smooth travelling experience, complete with an inbuilt GPS tracker that can be accessed by QR code scanning without any further installation.

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Ticket Business Operating System


Our user-friendly ticketing booking system aim to help scale tourism companies

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Smart Complain Management System


Keep your business stable and grow futher by hear out, manage and resolve each unsatisfied experienced faced by your customer or an organization.

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