Document Tracking System


Create, track, and manage your document

KertasDMS provides document digitization and centralized storage, to insightful analytics of business operations. KertasDMS technology will help to lead your business towards digital transformation to open for improved operation efficiency and transparency of workflow.

KertasDMS offers:
  • Document Management — Upload document, index document, and assign assignee.
  • Document Tagging — Assign tagging to related document.
  • OCR — Search text in images, search metadata in images.
  • QR Code — Unique QR code generator, document finder.
  • User Management — Create user, department and assign document approver.
  • Document Search — File search, metadata search, QR code finder.



Optimize business processes from beginning to end

Linkexpres is a software tool that will help you increase efficiency in order processing, inventory management, transporting orders to customers, and returning orders as needed.

Moreover, it will also benefit your business by providing prompt, high-quality, and accurate service to your customers, thereby improving their experience. It will also improve your supply chain visibility, assist you in cost reduction, and streamline your logistics strategy.

Linkexpres offers:
  • Order management system — streamlines and automates the fulfilment process, reducing errors and allowing customers to get what they need faster.
  • Logistics analytics — Analyze shipping history and improve client operations to reduce logistical costs and shipment delivery times.

Contract Management System


Easy scheduling and reporting solutions for your company

8planner is designed to lighten the load on administrative staff who are responsible for daily scheduling and planning.

8planner offers:
  • Schedule Planning — Plan your technician visit months ahead so you can distribute workload effectively.
  • Renewal Service Reminder — 8planner will remind you about upcoming renewal contract.
  • Instant Report — Print updated daily, monthly and summary report quickly.
  • Client Database — Get client's information and overview of the existing contract status.

Property Management System


A property management system that helps you run your business more efficiently

RoompillowPMS assists hotels in improving the guest experience. Less time at the keyboard means more time for the visitor.

Communication between departments is seamless. Billing and invoicing functions aid in keeping track of all transactions.

RoompillowPMS offers:
  • Reservation — Easy interface and quick booking process.
  • Front Desk — Quick and simple access to key hotel functions like check-in and check-out.
  • Housekeeping — Smooth housekeeping management enable room marked "clean" and sell it faster.
  • Billing & Invoicing — Invoice creation that is simple to use and comprehensive.
  • Restaurant — Allow for the addition of consumptions to a specific room for easy billing.

Tours Package Management


Package Management is simplified with Toursbloom

The package management process is broken down into individual steps, with each step scrutinised to ensure maximum efficiency. Toursbloom enables you to deal with all functions in real time, from creating packages to connecting with third-party suppliers at different prices.

Toursbloom offers:
  • Packages — Customize packages to meet the demands of your consumers.
  • Dashboard — Obtain beneficial insights from dashboard data overview.
  • Bookings — Easy and fast booking process for guest.
  • Promotions — Enable to add promotions for packages.

Assets Tracking System


Delivering world class asset tracking solutions

Assetsware makes it simple for businesses to manage their fixed asset base, saving time and effort while providing accurate and timely data for reporting.

Assetsware offers:
  • Asset Capture — Assets are rapidly and readily added to asset records using a number of asset templates to fill the essential asset information.
  • Asset moves — Record asset movements using asset identifiers, barcodes, or RFID tags to maintain your fixed asset register locations and cost centres up to date.
  • Asset disposals — The search feature makes it easier to find assets that aren't clearly identifiable or whose tags have been damaged.
  • Full asset details — On the mobile device, the user has access to a wide range of asset information. As routine transactions are completed, the data can be updated.
Practical Dental Software


Manage, monitor and streamline daily clinics' operations

Dental practise management is a difficult task that is frequently assigned to a dentist who is already preoccupied with patient care.

Dentallink is the right tools to assist with management in order to reduce errors and oversights, allowing you to attract new patients and expand your operation.

System offers:
  • Dental Record Management — Search patient's data, view treatment history and related files.
  • Appointment Management — Easy to schedule appointment, confirm patient attendance and follow up patient for dental review.
  • Payment and Billing Tools — The search feature makes it easier to find assets that aren't clearly identifiable or whose tags have been damaged.
  • Support and Data Protection — Security compliant, 24/7 monitoring and daily data backup and automatic software update.
  • Inventory Control — Minimum stock reminder for drugs, medicine and dental affiliated products.
  • Multiple Branch Support — Share patient records across multiple clinics.
Legal Management Software

Juris Manager

Software designed with close collaboration with local legal firm

Juris Manager streamlines your daily operations and manages all aspects of your firm like client and case records, documents, appointments, schedules and deadlines.

If you or your team are currently managing these tasks manually or with many tools, Juris Manager is an all-in-one legal software, can fundamentally revolutionise the way your firm operates.

Juris Manager offers:
  • Customizable for your firm — Flexible fields allow you to customized the record you want to track to suit your practice area and your jurisdiction.
  • Monitor case progress — Dashboard provides instant view on the tasks needed to be done to see the case in progress.
  • Easy file management — Integrated with dropbox to leverage security, easy access and device support.
  • Document Template — Generate document from your existing Microsoft Word document.
  • Increase your productivity — For simple task like searching for client records to handling client files, we make it easy available with two clicks away.
  • Task Template — One click to assign a list of task to matter.

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